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WP Lead Explosion Review + Bonus

WP Lead Explosion

WP Lead Explosion Overview

Vendor: SqueezeMobi
Product: WP Lead Explosion
Launch Date: 2013-05-28
Launch Time: 15:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $7 (amazing price)
Bonus: bonus package over 2500$ value when buying it through our site! View below

WP Lead Explosion Review

What's WP Lead Explosion? Why you need it?

As you know, 2013 is the time in which has a lot of changes and updating of Search Engines, especially Panda and Penguin from Google. As a result, backlinks strategies become lag behind in SEO; even it is the root factor making the penalty of Google for some Webpage.

On the other hand, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ looked like Social Media Sources are more and more popular. Many people love them. For that reason, Google and others Search Engine Google and other search engines have realized that Social Media signal and sharing is the best indication of the quality content and worth of high organic rankings.

Basically it’s a WP Plugin that sucks in a business owners current mobile site, facebook fanpage, SEO rankings or bad reviews and you can then use the plugin to “mark it up” (pointing out that they only have 5 facebook “likes”, their ranking sucks, etc) in a personalized fashion.
On top of that, you get advanced LIVE training!

What about OTO of WP Lead Explosion?

  • OTO1: The OTO includes functionality for mass csv file uploads to create 100s of landing pages and on top of that you can then mass e-mail 100s of business owners their personalized templates along with one of the SqueezeMobi demo mobile sites right next to it so that it is later targeted and business owners call the consultant back..
  • OTO2: A course taught by David and Jamie themselves that has received MASSIVE results for their students.

Why you can sure WP Lead Explosion is good?

WP Lead Explosion is the latest amazing product from SqueezeMobi. SqueezeMobi is a HK based company which serves offline clients primarily in the USA and UK markets. We provide mobile marketing services to local customers to enable them to generate more leads and more business. In addition to serving offline customers we also re-engineer our client deliverables into products which we offer to fellow web developers and mobile marketing experts. As you can see, almost previous product launching is very useful, such as:

  • Mobile Marketing Mega-Closers: This is the Mega-Closers Mobile Marketing Presentation Version 2.0. It is a presentation as the front-end offer that Offline Consultants can use to help them close clients. The OTO is a video with voiceover of the presentation and the OTO2 is our $67/mo membership where we have helped members close $10,000 in offline deals in just a week.
  • The Offline Audit – A Simple Yes/No System: This is a complete system for offliners including very innovative tactics such as the Yellow Page and Fedex Methods. It takes the customer from actual lead generation all the way through the audit and closing.
  • Mobi Cash Cyclone: Mobile Marketing Consultants can easily customize these Mobile Site Templates in a short period of time and then deliver them to businesses. They cover 9 niches. These can then be sold for about $1,000-$2,000 each.
  • WPMobi Niche RAIDER: It is a directory system integrating WordPress and mobile so that offline consultants can take this to any business and any niche in order to sign them up for listings.
  • Mobile Treasure Island: Mobile Marketing Consultants can easily customize these  Templates in a short period of time and then deliver them to businesses. They cover 9 different templates and these can then be sold for about $1,000-$2,000 each.  On top of that, they get a bonus redirect script, advanced LIVE training and a 10-day closing guide!
  • Social Mobile Evolution: The main offer is a full mobile websites templates that Mobile Marketing Consultants can easily customize in a short period of time and then deliver them to businesses. There is a pack of 9 templates covering 9 of the hottest niches out there. What makes these new templates awesome is top social media integration like the Facebook “Like” functionality, Twitter “Become a Follower” functionality and YouTube video “embedding” functionality.
  • And now is WP Lead Explosion. About WP Lead Explosion, with understanding and creative,SqueezeMobi has working on that product for almost 1 years for making it bigger and better along the way. So I committed to you that WP Lead Explosion is the best product to improve your site.
Please view stat of sale from Squeeze Mobile in order to confirm all product created by them is really good and useful

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WP Lead Explosion Bonus

  • Genesis Framework: 59.95$

  • Focus (chile theme of genesis Framework): 79.95$

  • Thesis 2.0 framework: 87$

  • 4 Premium mythemeshop: 140$
  • Infinite Seo: 19$

  • Login Ninja 15$

  • Security Ninja: 15$

  • Paypal File Download 20$

  • Wp Seo Ninja: 67$
  • Lizatom Shortcode: 49$

  • Market Samurai 149$
  • Penguinizer XP: 67$
  • 20 High Pr Backlink Pr7,8,9 : 49$
  • keyword goldrush 67$
  • Fast cash hijack: 12.4$
  • 99$ in 24h: 9.95$
  • Seo link building in depth course (at Lynda)
  • Simple Viral Control: See This Fan Page Goes From ZERO To 110,790 Fans In 72 Hours...:9.9$
  • CPA Profit Storm: 10$
  • CPA Crusher(make 10000$/month): 7.5$
How to claim this bonus:
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  2. Foward your receipt to with subject "WP Lead Explosion Bonus"
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